A Change in Plans..

Hey everyone! I just wanted to start by saying how inspired I have been by all your blogs!!! I ABSOLUTELY love reading them all and discovering new recipes and hearing of everyones progress. It really keeps me on track! I cant believe how much time I’ve spent reading blogs lately LOL.

That being said, today I awoke to clouds! =( So sad… No beach for me. This morning was really nice though; instead of jumping out of bed and rushing to the gym I just took my time and enjoyed a long breakfast, a tasty cup of coffee, all while doing what else… reading all your blogs! =D

For breakfast I tried out the new Protein Oatmeal Pancakes I made last night from my Eat Clean Cookbook (I topped them with 2T of sf jam and dipped in a 1/4 c sf syrup) and a bowl of strawberries (5 oz):

They were really tasty with everything on top, but I do have to admit they weren’t as great as I was hoping. I think I’m still expecting my mom’s bisquick pancakes LOL. I did find a ton of different protein pancakes on all of your blogs tho, so I wont give up! I really would like something a little less dense with some more flavor! What are your guy’s favorite recipes for protein pancakes?

I also enjoyed a cup of coffee with some chocolate-flavored stevia drops and a 1/2 T of sugar free vanilla creamer.

Next, time for the gym… Instead of my usual saturday workout of calves/hams, I opted for a chest/delts/lower back workout so I wouldn’t iritate my quad further! Here’s what my workout looked like:

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a spotter so I wasn’t able to lift as heavy today. I was really excited though becasue I was actually able to some cardio without my leg hurting all that bad!

Here were my workout totals: (time- 1hr 54m, cal- 484)

After my workout, I came home for my regular protein shake but this time I added a splash of diet pomegranate blueberry juice. Very tasty! Along with the cold smoothie and the ice pack on my quad, I was FREEZING!

Lunch was Salmon Stew again becasue I was craving it, with an additional 2.7 oz of ground turkey, along with 3 oz of a Sweet Tater’ w/cinnamon… YUM YUM!

The rest of the day was pretty lazy since the weather was all cloudy today and nobody felt like going outside =( The good news is though, I actually did end up at the beach.. not quite the way I had initially envisioned it though. I was in jeans and a sweatshirt instead of tanning in my bikini, but enjoyed a beautiful hike with the roomies none the less. This beautiful place always reminds me of how blessed I’m to live in such an amazing town! God was having a good day when he made all this 😉 :

Came home late and STARVING and my tummy was telling me it was time for some Chocolate Protein Oats. I cooked 1/2 C oats in 1.5 C water, added in 1 scoop of Chocolate protein powder, some vanilla extract, chocolate stevia, regular stevia, and 1/2 C 0% Fage. Toppped it all off with 1T Better n’pb and some cinnamon… Heaven in a bowl!!! Just what I needed to warm up!!

For dessert some of April’s Protein Cookie dough w/1 oz of a banana:

Well that about wraps up my today, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning for work, then church and I’m meeting some friends after for this great little restaurant called Evo’s. The idea behind it is really cool, its basically an all organic fast food place. They have all the “normal” fast food but it’s all organic and sustainable. Their air-fries are to die for and they even have a ketchup bar!! Ohhh and also going to get some grocery shopping in tomorrow, hopefully I can find some new gooodies! =) I’m such a nerd; I look forward to grocery shopping so much!

My macros for the day: (cal-1590, fat- 31g, pro-148g, carb-162g)

Think I’ll make some tea and wind down. Hope you all have a fun and relaxing Sunday!



Hello everyone and happy friday! I hope you all are looking forward to the weekend!! I’m planning on waking up early tomorrow, hitting the gym and heading to the beach (dont worry I got a big tub of aloe, some sunscreen and will only be only laying on my tummy) =)

Some of you were asking what macros I’m aiming for. Currently, I’m going for something around this: 15% fat, 45% protein, 40% carb. Lately my fat and carb have been a bit higher (especially the last couple days!  lol). I’m experimenting with adjusting these % and seeing how my body reacts. Also, I try to listen to my body if I feel a big urge to say have more carbs one day.

I’m thinking of doing a post/experiment soon on the discrepancies between the different methods of body fat testing if anyone would be interested? I will be getting my bf tested using 3 methods: my scale, the pinch test, and the most accurate “dunk” test. Im interested to see the variance!

Also Im thinking of posting some progress pics from the last month, but feel kind of strange putting these on the internet… LOL

The day started off a little later than usual since I had stayed up pretty late last night, doing what… I have no idea..

Today’s breakfast was pumpkin oats topped with 1 T PB:

and some homemade granola bars my sweet roommate made: (sorry the pics are blurry, had to use my phone)

After scarfing this down, I hurried off to the gym. Today was all about quads and hams. My workout looked like this:


1. Barbell Squats on Smith Machine: (10@135, 10@155, 10@185)

2. Lunges (3 sets of 10@100)

3. Leg Press (10@180, 10@230, 10@270, 10@270)

4. Lay-down Leg Press (10@80, 10@90, 10@100)

5. Seated Leg Curl (10@60, 10@65, 10@70)

6. Stiff Leg Barbell Deadlift (10@65, 10@75, 10@85, 10@85)


1. Side to side crunches w/med ball (4 kg)

2. Under the bridgge

3. Ball Pass

4. Hanging knee raises ( 3 sets 10 reps)

5. Reverse Crunches

6. X-Obliques <– these kill me every time

7. Russian Twists

8. Oblique Crunch

9. Single leg lift on stability ball

10. 2 Leg lift on stability ball

11. Plank on bosu w/tilt (held 1.5 mins)

(time- 1:31, cal: 387, max hr: 158)

NO CARDIO…. Why you ask??

Well my workout was going great until the very end when I was doing my lunges, all of a sudden my right quad felt really bad. That being said I think I somehow pulled the muscle in my thigh. UGGH! Im the person who avoids the doctor AT ALL COSTS! Well after looking really lame limping around the gym, I decided to skip cardio and walk home. I’m so bummed… =( Has anyone had this happen? I know I should be icing it…. I know I probably shouldnt work out tomorrow…

Well maybe it will feel better in the morning =/ Any advice??

On a happier note, back to food =)

After my less-than-stellar workout, I made my usual Chocolate-Strawberry Protein Shake w/some spinach added:

all blended up –>

(202/ 4/ 27/ 14)


Lunch today was super tasty, I made what I call Salmon Slew. It consisted of:  2.6 oz of pink salmon, 1.5 cups broccoli coleslaw, onion, shredded spinach (1.5 c), avocado (1-5/8 oz), all seasoned up with braggs aminos, cayanne pepper, some garlic powder and pepper. SO TASTY! You guys must give this a try! By the way, does anyone know on wordpress how to have links to recipes work without having to make a page for each recipe? I’m impaired on this sight (I’m sure it’s really simple) =/

(211/ 8.5 / 17/ 11)

Later, I joined my friend Christian who’s visiting from Sweden for some coffee. I got a Passion Green Tea.. my favorite!

Later, some fresh pear slices with cinnamon:

and a turkey sandwhich (4 oz) on an orowheat sandwich thin w/a wedge of laughing cow swiss cheese: YUM!

So the rest of the night was really random, my eating habits seemed really snackish today since I didnt do any cardio. For a snack I made my Chocolate-banana Protein Mousse: (i’ll put up the recipe as soon as I figure out how to make the link not a separate page) sorry!

My friends all went out tonight, but I was having one of those lazy feeling nights and decided to stay inside and cook. I have some great recipes I’m experimenting with, so I can’t wait to share them with you all soon! (get ready for low-carb strawberry-banana protein bars..shhhh)

Tonight I did make some Power Oatmeal Pancakes from my Eat Clean cookbook and some of April’s Protein Cakes:

I topped the Protein Cakes with 1 T of sugar-free strawberry jam and 1T of Better N’PB (very tasty! I swear PB makes everything so gooood!)

I cant wait to try the Power Oatmeal Pancakes for breafast tomorrow and let you guys know how they taste! I’ll be posting the recipe if they are good. Lemme tell you they def have a whole bunch of good stuff packed in one pancake!!!

Well, I’m just finishing up my night with some green tea blended with a little strawberry-kiwi crystal light.. so tasty! Have a wonderful weekend!! (and 2 dates… they are going bad.. nnoooo!)

Oh and almost forgot here are my day’s totals:

Cal: 1697

Fat: 33.125 g

Pro: 124 g

Carb: 201 g

Ok, so I was wayyyy off my macro goals. I’ve been really bad with that the last few days! Instead of my totals looking like how I want them: 15% fat, 45% pro, 40% carb.. They were more like this: 17.78% fat, 29.47% pro, 52.75% carb

Back on track tomorrow, promise!

Hello everyone and happy thursday!! Thank you all SOOOO much for all your sweet comments and April for helping me out all getting the word out! They all mean so much and it’s so nice talking to someone other than myself!! 😉 I cant wait to check out all your blogs that I haven’t read yet. BTW, how do you add a blog roll on the side??

I started off the morning nice and early, meaning instead of just setting my alarm for 6am I actually got out of bed at 6am! (This required 2 alarms, so I wouldn’t press snooze for a half hour like usual) Does anyone else always set their alarm 30 mins before they want to wake up??

This morning i made some chocolate-pumpkin protein oatmeal:

**So many ingredients going into one bowl. Today I tried using double the water to get a nice big bowl of oats. It worked, but took way to long since I’m usually in a rush in the morning. Back to normal oats tomorrow. Still turned out tasty tho!**

After breakfast, I headed to the gym for my bicep/tricep/cardio workout. Here’s what I did:


– Hammer Curls ( 10@20, 10@30, 9@30)

-Dumbbell Incline Curls (10@20, 10@20, 5@30, 5@20)

-One arm preacher curls (10@15, 10@15, 10@20, 10@20)


– Kick Backs (15@10, 15@10, 15@15)

-Tricep Pushdowns (10@30,15@30,5@40) <– I’ve noticed I do 1/2 the weight with this free standing machine than I do with the other tricep pushdown machine where you are seated

-Dips (unassisted: 10 reps, 6 reps, 5 reps)

Randoms @ End

– Plie Squats (10@40.10@60, 10@60)

-Overhead tricep press (10@20, 10@30)

** So if you didn’t notice on my shorter weight day like these, I like to add in a  few random exercises at the end to keep my muscles guessing and just mix it up a bit.**


-20 mins on stair master, 25 mins HIIT on elliptical

Workout totals: 1 hr, 29 mins / 536 cal / max hr: 172


After my workout I didn’t have time to run back to my apartment for the usual post-workout shake, so I instead snacked on a Genisoy Protein Bar (ultimate chocolate fudge brownie flavor). It was actually really tasty. I tend to like the chewier, dense bars more than the “granola-ish” ones. I feel like they fill me up more. This bar has ok stats, a bit high on the carbs for me (240/7/14/32)

I had my cardio-dance class that I’m actually getting 2 units for! haha.. yay for having an easy last quarter! It’s not much of a workout so far because all we’ve done is “warmup” moves. I’m practically crying from boredom by the end. But on the plus side all those warm-up moves added up to another 219 calories!

After showering, I decided to take a quick beach break with my friend and grabbed some leftovers (another boring pic I know) of my Faux “Fried” Chicken (4oz) , with some bbq sauce and 3 dates (my fav!)

The beach was AMAZING by  the way, buuuuttt I was only there for 1 hour and I forgot the sunscreen =0

The results:

+ some sun = CA sun w/no sunscreen is NO BUENO!

Other mishaps for the day (quite a usual occurrence for me) included half a jar of spilled cocoa powder, as well as half a coffee in my lap:

Ok so im clumsy… I wasn’t always this was I swear! =)

After the beach and the resulting burn, the only thing that sounded good was something cold! So i whipped up another of my go-to chocolate strawberry protein shakes and a fresh pear. YUM! (no spinach this time)

After, I went with a friend to volunteer a homeless overflow shelter. It was a little different from most because it was only families and single women. It’s always such an eye opener!

I didn’t get home until 8pm (way past my dinner time) so I threw together some of my favorite broccoli carrot coleslaw (3 cups) with leftover ground turkey (4.5 oz). I threw everything in a pan and coated with some braggs aminos… mmmm, one of my fav meals!

I’ve noticed that the difference between the lean ground turkey vs. the lean ground turkey breast, is huge in the fat department. Of course, the lower fat option (breast) is way more expensive, so a trick that I learned to save money, is to cook the turkey like normal and when finished cooking, throw it in a pot of boiling water and drain. This makes it TOTALLY FAT FREE! Pretty spiffy huh?

Well, that’s about all.. I’ll probably have one of these for dessert:

-Fage 0%, blended with sugar free strawberry preserves, a pinch of stevia, some strawberries, bananas and pb.. SOO tasty!!

These were my totals for the day: carbs were higher than I like but planning took a backseat today.. ohhh well =)

cal- 1668

fat- 26.3 g

pro- 150 g

carb- 175 g

See ya all tomorrow!! Have an AMAZING friday!

The First Entry!

Hello everyone (well I’m actually only writing to myself right now, but hopefully someone will read this eventually :p )! Hopefully everyone is having a fabulous wednesday and looking forward to the weekend!

I’m in an especially good mood because I’m so excited to enter the blogging world! =) I apologize for the bare bones content, but I had to stop obsessing over font colors and themes… it was time to move onto my first post! I have so much I want to share with you guys but I’ll have to limit it tonight because there is a giant heap of laundry calling my name as well as homework that has been unfortunately ignored due to an intense case of clinical senior-itis 😉

This morning I woke up a sunny forecast of 77 degrees. Summer is quickly approaching on the california coast and the beach is calling my name! Going to school in a college beach town is such a blessing!!

For some reason I woke up not hungry; that’s a rare occurrence for me. Usually the first thing I do when I get out of bed is run to the kitchen! Anyways I decided I would need some good protein to get me through my workout. So I went with the usual oats and pb, only a 1/2 cup though and I was full…. strange thing my tummy is! With my portion control switch was turned on more often 😉

Meal 1: Chocolate- Banana Protein Oatmeal  (1/2 C. oats, 1 scoop choco whey protein, vanilla & Banana extract, chocolate stevia, cinnamon, 1 T PB)

After breakfast I did some blog reading (you guys are all so inspiring and really do get me going each morning!), and headed to the gym for my workout. Today was shoulders/abs/cardio day. (I hate shoulder days by the way!)

~Oh and just a note, here’s how I record my sets: 10@20 for example means 10 reps at 20lbs.~

Here’s What I did:


1. Arnold Press (10@20lb, 8@30, 10@20, 6@30)

2. Dumbbell Press (2 sets of 10@20, 2 sets of 10@30)

3. Dumbbell Lateral Raises (4 sets of 10@20)

4. Dumbbell Rear Delt Row (4 sets of 10@10)

Abs: (adapted from April’s workout!)

*3 sets of 20 reps per exercise*

5. Side to Side crunches w/med ball (4 kilo ball)

6. Under the Bridge

7. Ball Pass

8. Hanging knee Raises

9. Reverse Crunches

10. Bicycles

11. X-Obliques

12. Russian Twists

13. Oblique Crunch

14. Single-leg lift on stability ball

15. Two-leg lift on stability ball

16. Plank on bosu- held for 2 mins today

~ And i there in some random tricep work, I did 3 sets of unassisted dip (5 reps each set… I can do more with assistance, but unassisted is more fun!) =)

Cardio: 22 mins on stairmaster, 30 mins HIIT on elliptical

Total time: 2h 11m

Calories: 767

Came home to my favorite:

Meal 2: Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shake

Judging by the puckey-green color, you wouldn’t guess it’s chocolate strawberry flavored, but trust me it’s delicious. I dont always add the spinach but thought I could use the extra nutrients today. yay for iron!

Jumped in the shower, did a last minute assignment and had my next meal before I ran off to class:

Meal 3: Egg White Scramble & a juicy pear

I adapted the scramble recipe from one found in the cookbook Eating Clean, I added 1.375 oz avo and 1 laughing cow wedge. It’s one of my favorites. Sooo tasty! I’ll be sure to get all the links up tomorrow to recipes! This one is a must try!

Next, I was off to class. Actually, I just lied…. I actually went to the university police station for a “citation hearing”. Dont worry, not a criminal… I’m actually contesting an expensive ticket they gave me (on valentines day) for a legal parking zone. Cross your fingers I get out of it!!

After, I ran to my business strategy lecture and listened to my crazy teacher blab about nothing for 2 hours and play with his electronic hampster (yes you read that right)…

Came home to a tasty snack:

Meal 4: My variation of April’s protein brownie batter w/6.625 oz fresh strawberries and a tasty cup of coffee w/choco stevia & a splash of UVAB

(perfect for some protein fondue dipping!!)

*Note the sweet mug I made… =)

-Did  some cleaning of the room (trust me it needed it)

-Debated going to the beach, but decided to instead be somewhat productive

-Wasn’t really that productive and ended up reading blogs and various other fitness/nutrition sights

-Almost forgot about dinnner, AGAIN where is my appetite today?

Had one of my recipe creations (which is scrumptious I might add):

Meal 5: Faux “Fried” Chicken w/ 1 T bbq sauce & 5oz sweet tater’ w/cinnamon

Well I believe that would conclude my first blog post ever!!! I’m going to get some links up tomorrow of recipes, workout moves and macro info…

For now here are my daily totals:

cal- 1592

fat- 27g

pro- 163g

carb- 145 g